Billing made easy. Have you ever wondered how much money you lose because your managers are giving people a break? We don’t know the people you’re billing, we just follow the charts you give us and charge everyone the same amount for the same job. We will create your invoices and send them to you to be mailed or mail them for you. We will do reminder calls at specified dates (two weeks, one month, etc) on bills that have not yet been paid. We will do initial collection calls (contact the customer to let them know payment is now due in full, a payment plan must be set up or their account will be submitted to a collections agency). We will also do the paperwork and submit to the collection agency of your choice.

Please note: We do calls through Google Voice so we can enter your information in the caller id system.

Billing projects are $20/hr, additional fee for postage if we mail bills for you or you may choose to provide us with postage stamps.