The best way to contact us is to send an email to with a detailed explanation of what you are in need of. That way the correct person will respond with the correct information (we also like to have things in writing, it’s been proven to prevent misunderstandings).

You can call us at 208-852-2295, if you get a machine, please leave a message. A lot of times no one answers the phone because we’re already talking to another client or we are in the middle of figuring out something difficult (it’s such a bummer to have all the info for the Excel formula all figured out and then be interrupted before you can finish entering it, it costs us time and the client money, so we try to avoid that).

You can fax us at 208-955-1859.

Please note, although we may be working on weekends to meet a deadline, we don’t normally respond to new job orders on weekends, holidays, or after normal business hours. We will get back to you though, we promise! (As long as you left contact info, if you get the answering machine it has caller id, if you get the voice mail, sometimes it gives us caller id info and sometimes it doesn’t, no one’s been able to figure out why.)

Our mailing address is:


7455 N Capitol Hill Rd

Preston ID 83263

If you need to send us payment, you can also send it to our Paypal account at