Many, many years ago (back in the 1990’s) Traces started with our personalized name histories.  We still offer them today and hope that you enjoy them as much as we do. These are the most comprehensive name meaning histories we are aware of. Each name history is 230-320 words long (a full page). The first paragraph or two will tell you the history of your name and its meaning. The last paragraph or two will tell you character traits that are associated with your name. Surname (last name) histories do not have the characteristics paragraph(s), they are all history. We have been writing these since 1992. We have a large database of finished name histories that can be ready immediately, names that have not previously been researched and written can take 3-4 weeks to complete (rush orders may be available, contact me with the name and your deadline, generally we can write a new name history in 3-5 days).

* Can you do made up names? Yes! If you happen to know the history, that helps. For example, we have done names that are anagrams (mixed up spellings) of parents’ names. Or a fun one was a young lady’s name was her father’s name spelled backward.

*Do I order just one name history when my name is two names? If people call you by both names, for example, Mary Ann, then it is one name. If people call you Mary and your middle name is Ann, then you would need to order two name histories, one for each name. Why? It changes the characteristics and it can change the meaning of the name.

*Can I get my last name done, too? Yes, but that is a separate order. Surnames, or last names, don’t have characteristics associated with them, they are all history.

*Can I get an extra copy to give to my mom? Yes, there is a $2.00 fee, but you may order as many extra copies of the same name as you would like. (If your original is lost or ruined, contact us and we will arrange for a replacement for the copy price.)

*Can you do foreign names? Yes, we can do most foreign names. If you know the country to give us a start on the research, that’s a nice bonus.

*Have you ever had a name you couldn’t find? Yes, twice now and we’ve been doing this for over twenty years, not bad.

*Can you write them in different languages? Sometimes and we may have to charge an extra fee. It depends upon if we can find someone to translate the name history from English to the language you want and it depends upon if they want to be paid for the service. If you know someone who can translate it for you, we’re happy to work with you!

*Are these safe to use in scrapbooks? They are printed on archival-safe paper with a laser printer. As long as they remain in the page protector they arrive in, you shouldn’t have a problem. Removing them from the page protector will make it so that the ink can transfer to a page next to it if left there for some time.

*Will you frame it for me? These fit easily into a document frame, which can be purchased at dollar stores for $1.00. If we frame it for you, the cost to ship increases by $4.00, plus the price of a frame and the time required to put it all together and the extra padding and packaging to keep the glass from breaking. Thus, we don’t offer these framed.

*Are these available digitally? After much begging from our customers, yes, these are finally being offered in digital format!