Everyone needs them, newsletters and flyers. Businesses, family chatty letters, or the annual family letter (or reunion reminders). Flyers of all kinds–advertisements, announcements, new rules, etc.

Standard newsletters or flyers are:

  • One page (front only, front and back counts as two pages)
  • Up to five images, you can provide the images or we will pull from stock graphics
  • Up to three personalizations (for example you need the same base info, but the company name and logo need to be changed, the seller’s name needs to be changed, different apartment complexes, etc. Basically, you need the company name, logo and contact info changed for each newsletter but the body remains the same).
  • You receive a pdf copy so you can make all the copies you need. If you would like us to print and mail you the copies (or print and mail the copies to individuals) or load the newsletter (or create it in) an email program contact us with details for a price quote.

Standard newsletter or flyer: $25.00

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