A preferred customer is any company or individual who regularly (defined as six or more months per year) provides $1,000+ in work per month. As a preferred customer, you receive the following perks:

–          10% off your bill each month (that it is over $1,000). If you pay more than once a month, the 10% will be taken off the last bill of the month, or as soon as you hit the $1,000 mark. For example, if you pay weekly and the first week’s invoice is $700, the second week’s invoice is $600, you would receive $130 credit on the second week’s invoice making it only $470 because your total for the month is then $1300. The remainder of the invoices for the month would each receive an additional 10% off. If you are a new customer, after three months you receive 5% off, retroactive for the last three months. For example, if you had been billed $1100 for month one, $1200 for month two and $1000 for month three, at the end of month three you would receive a credit on your bill for $165.00 ($1100+$1200+$1000=$3300×5%=$165.00). You would continue to receive 5% off the next two bills and on the sixth month’s bill you would get 10% off that month and 10% off from then on; assuming you are still being invoiced for $1000+ per month.

–          You are at the front of the line without paying rush fees. This means your jobs always get done first, your deadlines are the highest priority and you are never charged any additional fees for priority service.

–          No add-on fees for additions to projects, last minute changes and revisions. You still pay an hourly wage for the work, just not additional fees.