Personalized inspiration-your name, it’s inherent meaning and a scripture from the King James Bible chosen to inspire you!

Personalized Inspiration – Bookmarks
Personalized Inspiration – Bookmarks
Personalized Inspiration - your name, its inherent meaning and a scripture chosen from the King James Version of the Bible to inspire you. What is inherent? A quality or trait that comes with your name rather than its actual meaning. For example, Peter means "the rock", inherently it means "steadfast, loyal, true". We offer several generic bookmarks.  Some are as follows, feel free to ask if you need one that isn't listed.  Mother, Father, Grandmother, Grandfather, Elder (Missionary), Sister (Missionary), Friends, Scrapbooker, Secret Pal, Brother, Sister, Visiting Teacher, Home Teacher, Guardian angel. Paper style and ribbon colors vary and are chosen at random. To order:
  1. Select gender (if first name) or surname (last name).
  2. Enter the name you want on the bookmark (double check your spelling and capitalization).
  3. Enter any notes you think we may need to know.
  1. Can you do these with a different book of scripture? Yes. We do many with the Book of Mormon or Apocrypha. If there is another scripture source you would like used, or if you have a scripture you would like added (instead of our choice), we are happy to work with you.
  2. Are these limited to first names? No, we do a lot of these with surnames, especially for family reunions! We also do "generic" bookmarks such as mom, dad, guardian angel, teacher, etc.
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