You are marvelous! Your thoughts are screaming to be shared! Your ideas cannot be contained! However, once something has been voiced, it is lost, lost to memory. Traces of it remain, but only in memory. It is said that the pen is mightier than the sword. Why? Because words that are written can withstand the storms of time. In this mighty day of computers your transcribed word is now searchable, any tidbit can be retrieved with a few keystrokes, but your audio or video is lost to search engines. The podcast you released was fabulous, but if someone wants to look up what you said it is practically impossible to find.
Transcription makes you and your words immortal!
Let us transcribe your audio or video to text!

Transcription Services per minute
Transcription Services per minute
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  • Wait while the file uploads, you will get a success message when it has uploaded. (Note: if you have several files or large files and don't want to wait for them to upload, add the minutes to your cart and check out or drop us an email at to make arrangements to put in a dropbox or give us access to a cloud file or mail us a thumb drive or other option of your choice).
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  • Add the number of minutes your file is to the shopping cart. For example, if you have a 60-minute meeting you need transcribed, add 60 transcription minutes to your cart. Note, if your count is incorrect, for example, you send us a 50-minute file and only pay for 30, we will send you a Paypal request for the additional 20 minutes and your project will be placed on hold.
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Please note: we do reserve the right to refuse any project. Our transcribers have signed nondisclosure agreements. At this time, we do not have certification in legal or medical transcribing. If you require rush services, please e-mail with details of your project and time needed for a quote.
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