First name history


Our first name histories include the meaning of your name and attributes that may be associated with you because of your name. Our name histories are a full 8 1/2 x 11 page and are the most extensive we have ever seen. To order:

  1. Select M for masculine or F for feminine.
  2. Enter the name you want to be researched in the box (double check your spelling and capitalization).  NOTE: If a person is called by both their first and last name, then it would be one name.  For example, you call your sister Mary Ann.  However, if you call her Mary, and want both Mary and Ann researched, that would be TWO different name histories.
  3. If you want additional copies of the SAME name (extras to give to others) then enter how many EXTRA copies you want in the copy box.  You will be charged $2.00 per copy.  So, if you want a total of three papers with the name George on them, enter 2 in the copy box and you will be charged $10.99 ($6.99 for the first copy and $2.00 x 2 for the extra two copies.)
  4. Select paper style. Images of the paper styles (with sample names) are shown to the left, click for a larger view. The paper style name is the caption at the bottom of the image.
  5. Enter any notes you think we may need to know (for example, your name is a combination of your mom and dad’s names).


These are the most comprehensive name meaning histories we are aware of. Each name history is 230-320 words long (a full page). The first paragraph or two will tell you the history of your name and its meaning. The last paragraph or two will tell you character traits that are associated with your name. We have been writing these since 1992. We have a large database of finished name histories that can be ready immediately, names that have not previously been researched and written can take 3-4 weeks to complete (rush orders may be available, contact me with the name and your deadline, generally we can write a new name history in 3-5 days).

Click to view a current pdf list of FEMININE first names that are already written: FeminineWritten

Click to view a current pdf list of MASCULINE first names that are already written: MasculineWritten


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