You put your heart and soul into your work, but it just looks sloppy if there are mistakes in grammar and punctuation. People may try to read on, but most will just dismiss your masterpiece with a shrug and remember only the errors. How many have visited your website and giggled because of a typo? What is more embarrassing than the PowerPoint presentation in front of your boss with incorrect facts? English may not be your first language, but it doesn’t need to show. Have you written your odyssey and no one can read it because of the lack of punctuation?

Help is here!

Proofread (this includes punctuation, spelling and minor grammar changes. Do you want a redlined copy (done in Word, any changes are underlined in red with notations so you review every change and keep or discard it after our work is done) or would you like us to simply make the changes and return your copy ready to use?
Fact checking (facts will be double checked using Google search)
Editing (this includes proofreading, fact checking, and suggestions are made to clarify, reword, or possibly even rewrite sections that may be unclear)
A deadline (if it’s very close a premium will be charged unless you are a preferred customer).


Special notes:

If you are a novelist, you’re special. You get reduced rates. Don’t be afraid to submit your manuscript.
Everyone who works here has signed nondisclosure notices, anything that may be printed in house will be shredded in a cross-cut shredder after use.
We reserve the right to refuse any project without explanation.
There is a $10 minimum.